Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why is Drudge Report ignoring Duggar scandal?

The following is an email sent to Matt Drudge on May 28, 2015.


Dear Mr. Drudge,

I took a look at today and couldn’t help noticing that there are no updates on the unfolding Duggar molestation scandal. (I hadn’t been on your site for at least a week, so I don’t know if you’ve covered it or linked to articles on it before today.) I find this very interesting, given that your site is geared towards those with socially-conservative views and/or supporters of the Republican Party.

Just as a coincidence, the Duggar clan has solid links with the Republican Party in their home state of Arkansas, with Jim Bob having served in the state House of Representatives under their banner. Also, the family is renowned for their support of socially-conservative positions on issues relating to marriage, procreation and sexual orientation.

This coincidence, coupled with the absence of coverage on your site, leads me to believe that you are  purposely filtering out a major news story that is definitely serving to harm the Republican brand and embarrass conservative Christians. I fully respect your right to exercise your own editorial discretion as you see fit, but given the right's usual complaints about 'left wing media bias', I also hope you respect my right to call your lack of coverage on this story as I see it in the absence of an explanation from you: cowardly.

In a similar vein, it has also been noted that as of today Fox News had devoted a total of two minutes to the Duggar scandal. Perhaps conservative news outlets are following the old real estate agent's dictum, "Don't s**t where you eat"? Simply courageous.

I look forward to seeing your rationale for excluding this particular story from your 'news' site. I will post this email on my blog (, as well as any response from you in its entirety.

James Deagle

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