Friday, July 24, 2015

Where respectful and sane conversation goes to die

Lately I've been engaging in a brutal form of masochism by way of participating in the 'comments' sections of stories. Below is just a sampling of the 'logic' that pervades those forums, from the discussion on Shooting in Lafayette, Lousiana Theater Leaves 2 Victims and Gunman Dead:

You forget you are living in Obama's America.... Keep your family safe.
Go prepared...

Exactly! There was absolutely no gun violence prior to Obama taking office, and the minute he leaves the entire country will go back to a state of peace, harmony and non-violence.

You aren't a free thinker. Exactly the opposite. The same kind of opposite as Jenner, the mentally ill kind.

Care to explain why you think this is so? Are you saying that gun violence is to be blamed on Obama?
If you're going to call someone 'mentally ill', at least have something with which to substantiate the claim.

Certainly, gun violence and all violence in America is Obamas fault. And yours, if you voted the pushead into office. The slaughter of babies body parts for billions of dollars of profit is his and your fault. You are awash in baby blood and guts. You ask if I care to explain to you why you're Batshit crazy and the answer is NO. You're batshit crazy .

Needless to say, after a while just trying to have a respectful and sane conversation in these forums is like throwing pebbles into the fog; all you can do is watch them disappear into the murk of irrationality.

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